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Room: Vestibule of Principles & Rationale

Welcome to this palatial receptional room, known as The Vestibule of Principles & Rationale. It is the antechamber welcoming guests, frequent visitors, administrators, and of course, typographic masons. As this palace is continuously under construction, so too, is this vestibule added during a later stage to keep the persistent draught of the ordain outside. It namely has been noticed that the principles and rationales preserved in the great halls of this palatial manifestation, are greatly affected by the erosion of standardisation strongly present in the practical reasoning that dictates the common usage of visual language in ordinary life. The intention here is to guarantee the ideal conditions to preserve a wide variety of visual languages, as alternatives to an increasing mono-culture.

Simultaneously, since located at the street side, it provides one of the palatial receptional quarters that gradually allows outside influences to seep through. Also this is of importance, for the typographic mason is not separated from everyday life but instead actively participates in the shaping, creating, and implementing of visual languages. It offers a unique character to this palace that both preserves valuable contributions to visual language while it is on the continuous look out for new influences and innovations. Naturally, this frequently causes this site to increase, as we see here the Initiator occupied at the drawing board to revise, supplement and expand the palatial construction.

So, leave your belongings behind, safely stored in the cloakroom. You will not be needing it, for the collection of The Palace of Typographic Masonry, its ideals and the dedication of its mason’s, should be enough to keep you warm.

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