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Room: The Studyroom of Unravelling Lenses

Door de lenzen, banknotes by Ootje Oxenaar

Ootje Oxenaar (1929-2017) is the maker behind the colourful Dutch guilder notes; including the brown 100 guilder note depicting a snipe (1977), the yellow 50 guilder note with a sunflower motif (1982), and the pink 250 guilder note imprinted with a lighthouse (1985). Each and every one of this series is an iconic design that has received international praise. Inspect these bills up close and witness how skill, craft and expertise collide into the exquisitely designed artefact. Yet it is without doubt the sense of professionality and trust in his knowledge by the commissioner, which Oxenaar gained over time and preceding commissions of the Dutch Bank, that enabled this exceptional series. Accordingly, it is that these objects are allocated to the Department of Practice and exhibited in The Playground of the In-between.