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Room: The Studyroom of Unravelling Lenses

The structure of the palatial division into segments provides subjects to discuss and dissect visual languages as much as the vantage points to perceive it. The Studyroom of Unravelling Lenses exemplifies these diverse lenses of focus and approaches through the examinations of a single artefact.

Here, each new acquisition is unravelled according to the different aspects of the profession; hence the lenses of the departmental divisions. Of course, whereas the nine different departments provide distinct approaches, it should be noted that these are not mutually exclusive. Even more so, designed objects may feature a multitude of such aspects wherein the various lenses mingle, overlap and intertwine. Exactly because the palatial division into departments is centred on aspects and approaches to design, rather than strictly defined criteria, the subdivision like so rests often on intuition and interpretation; in opposition to predefined parameters.

Nevertheless, typical characteristics can be attributed to the designs of visual language and it is here in the studyroom that, after careful examination, new acquisitions are carefully allocated to a department.

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