] Box by Richard Niessen
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The Masonic Lobby

'The Masonic Lobby', closed state. Photo: Andre Witkam.
'The Masonic Lobby', open state. Photo: Andre Witkam.

Box by Richard Niessen

'The Masonic Lobby' functions as a reception area in 'The Palace of Typographic Masonry'. In the form and nature of the intermediate space, the dialogue between the items exhibited in this hall, lies the spirit of the design. The trade of the Typographic Mason works according to the same principles that shaped this Masonic Lobby and underlie the structure and layout of the entire Palace. Its elements are all pieces of a puzzle that fit together when the designer practises his or her trade – like cogs and wheels in an inquisitive, playful, form-generating machine. The 9 objects refer to the 9 departments in the palace: Sign, Symbol and Ornament, Construction, Poetics and Game, Order, Craft and Practise.