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The Masonic Lobby

The Palace of Typographic Masonry, which started its construction in 2015, pays homage to the splendour and diversity of the graphic languages. The Palace showcases the intrinsic values of graphic design: it is an unconditional ode to the poetry and digressions of our craft. The building comprises nine main departments: Sign, Symbol and Ornament; Structure, Poetics and Play; Order, Profession and Practice. It provides a home to innumerable aspects of the profession, offering each of these elements – regardless of their complex interrelation – its own space. In-depth development and experimentation, research in the field, the profession’s connection with other disciplines and its embedding in a broader cultural history all come together in the Palace’s labyrinth of rooms and corridors. You could call it a brick-and-mortar monument to our profession – one that hopes to help promoting its public recognition.

Like any trade, that of the Typographic Mason starts with a sense of wonder and heightened interest in something. In this case, mankind’s wondrous ability to build shared imaginary spaces using only signs, symbols and ornaments. Once you’ve been initiated into this profession, you’ll discover that you never stop learning new things; that it has a seemingly inexhaustible past and offers unlimited freedom.

In The Masonic Lobby your guide Dirk van Weelden gives a tour telling you a bit about the building and what you can expect to find behind its doors. The Lobby's Source collection represents the departments of the Palace. As told before, there are nine departments in all, and the logic behind the whole place will become clear as the tour progresses.

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