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Room: The Bonus Room

The Bonus Room: In my Room

Bart de Baets, The Bonus Room: In my Room, Offset print, 840 mm x 1185 mm, 2021.
Bart de Baets, The Bonus Room: In my Room, Offset print, 840 mm x 1185 mm, 2021 (photo: Andre Witkam).

In the midst of one of the most vicious Covid19 lockdowns the city of Amsterdam was at its emptiest. As a result of that many poster billboard/poster placeholders were unused and The Palace of Typographic Masonry found a way to hijack them to display a more artistic message in the form of a triple poster series created by graphic designer Bart de Baets exploring the possibilities of “the street" as a place of inspiration for typographic masons.

"In My Room" is about home and the inspiration De Baets finds just there. It’s the one inspired by the Covid era and deals with being at home and working with the things on one's desk. The beauty of a simple wash rack and its resemblance to Marcel Duchamp’s Ready-Made wine rack; some breakfast left-overs accidentally generating an energetic composition, or the sudden appearance of a construction worker on a neighbourhood rooftop when at the same time a rainbow appeared. The colours are soft and gentle, referring to wallpaper and the act decorating, and decisions made when contemplating interiors.

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