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Room: The Asemic Cabinet

Not everything in life is concrete, simple or straightforward. Likewise are there forms of writing that too, do not aspire to concrete clarity, instead form a way of mark making that is explicitly open to the formation of meaning. The Asemic Cabinet gathers examples located at the cross section between drawing and writing, letter and doodle, language and the ambiguous. Here, the term asemic designates the absence of specific semantic content, allowing the equivocal and enigmatic interpretation, and is thus, deliberately dubious.

What you will find throughout these cabinets are some of the scripts and signs whose meanings are either unknown or uncertain. While the tendency to desperately assign to writing the role to clarify persists, it is permissible here to query, to question, and to wonder if there is meaning at all. Seemingly little riddle remains in this increasingly disenchanted world. All the more reason to now and then give in to the scriptures that encourage active interpretation. So it is that the typographic mason emerges from the task to mediate this imaginative transfer of the fantasyfull unknown.

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