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Room: The Pavilions of Honour

Source collection The Pavilions of Honour

Niklaus Troxler: Pierre Favre Solo Percussion, 2012
Niklaus Troxler: Marcel Bernasconi Quartet, 1968
Niklaus Troxler: Marty Ehrlich Quartet
Niklaus Troxler: Der Rote Bereich
Niklaus Troxler: Uwe Kropinski solo guitar
Niklaus Troxler: Charles Gayle Solo, 2009
Niklaus Troxler: Daniel Humair Reunion
Niklaus Troxler: Jazz concert with “This is Pan” at bau 4, Altbüron, 2018
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Naar Een Internationale Werkgemeenschap
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Frank Lloyd Wright
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Constructed Typefaces
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Der Geesten Gemoeting
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Hendrik Wijdeveld: 15 miles into the earth
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Hitweek
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Cityless City
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Bathing cap
Hendrik Wijdeveld: World Expo
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Hoofdweg
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Invitation Cards
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Architectura
Hendrik Wijdeveld: Wendingen
Subtitles: LOST-series season 6
Subtitles: Godard ‘Band of Outsiders’
Subtitles: Sergei Parajanov ‘The Color of the Pomegranates’ 2
Subtitles: Oscar Wilde / Charles Bryant’Salome’ 1923
Subtitles: Supreme Master TV
Subtitles: The Simpsons
Subtitles: Game of Thrones
Ed Fella: After the fact
Ed Fella: Artful craftiness
Ed Fella: Rudy Vanderlans
Ed Fella: Fabrica
Ed Fella: Sketchbooks
Ed Fella: Letters on America
Ed Fella: Detroit Focus Gallery
Ed Fella: multiple meaning
Sister Corita: Popular culture
Sister Corita: Tame It’s Not
Sister Corita: Design process
Sister Corita: Immaculate Heart College
Sister Corita: Love your brother
Sister Corita: International Signal Code Alphabet
Sister Corita: Mary’s Day Parade
Sister Corita: Silkscreen
Pioneers: Chuck Csuri
Pioneers: Stan Vanderbeek
Pioneers: Paul Brown
Pioneers: Michael Noll
Pioneers: Lilian Schwartz
Pioneers: Manfred Mohr
Pioneers: Harold Cohen
Pioneers: Vera Molnar

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