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Room: The Gallery of Modernity & Nostalgia

Visited the Pavilions of Honour yet? Well, then it will be clear that there are exceptional figures and visionaries who impacted the course of the craft of the typographic mason. Such figures, or at least according to the historians, form a cluster of skilled and progressive practitioners; hence a canon. Once I overheard the Initiator reading a paragraph of such a historian out loud. If remembered correctly it was Penny Sparke’s 'An Introduction to design and culture' (2004), which describes two roles of design. The one illustrates the ideas and values of society, and the other aims to contribute in forming and shaping the values of society. So you see, here a continuously unfolding canon of typographic mason’s spreads throughout a game board, running from nostalgia to modernity, and from an illustrative role to a forming role of design.

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