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Department of Construction

Here we arrived at the second floor of The Palace of Typographic Masonry where it is all about the convergence and application and of the basic elements

Just like the mason, who creates by combining cement and stone, the typographic mason mediates an array of elements–including signs, symbols, or ornaments–into the aspirations of new meaning. Like so, the Department of Construction approaches visual languages as the gathering of elements. Book designs, posters, or brand identities alike are made up by the combination of predetermined sets of elements. Construction, for the typographic mason thus, points to the assemblages of visual elements and formation of communicative structures.

Like illustrious modular sets, construction enables the creation of intriguing connections by employing candid elements. Residing within its restrictive rules and lucid limitations is a multitude of variations and possible outcomes. Herewith, conceptual coherence determines the integrity of the constructions. Editorial approaches, and thus, ideas of cohesion, are crucial to connect and construct underpinning relations of constituting elements.

In this department