] 'The Bulletin Board' at Le Signe, Chaumont, France
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The Masonic Lobby

The Palace of Typographic Masonry Bulletin Board, 2018

'The Bulletin Board' at Le Signe, Chaumont, France

'The Bulletin Board' shows a variety of posters designed by Richard Niessen that refer to particular parts of THE PALACE OF TYPOGRAPHIC MASONRY, from 'The Studiolo of Plans' to 'The Asemic Cabinet'.

The Palace started as an imaginary repository for the numerous physical, technical, cultural and philosophical aspects of graphic design, structured on the basis of nine departments: Sign, Symbol, Ornament, Construction, Poetics, Play, Order, Craft and Practice. It has evolved into an actual platform where other designers are invited to experiment, team up and celebrate the rich heritage of the profession. An imaginary clubhouse that’s always under construction.

The twelve posters in the installation, made to announce several ‘spaces’ in the form of exhibitions and events, can be seen as joyous billboards for this bold initiative.

'The Bulletin Board' is part of the exhibition 'Building Site', a solo exhibition by Richard Niessen at the 600m2 of the complete ground floor of Le Signe, Centre national du graphisme in Chaumont (FR) from November 22, 2018, to February 17, 2019.