] ‘The Palace of Typographic Masonry - a guided tour’
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The Masonic Lobby

Sketches for the cover, Esther de Vries

‘The Palace of Typographic Masonry - a guided tour’

In September, Spector Books will release 'The Palace of Typographic Masonry - a guided tour'. The book, 210 x 297 mm and 364 pages, will read as a tour through the fictional building, with Dirk van Weelden as guide. On the way the reader visits the nine departments (Sign, Symbol and Ornament, Structure, Poetics and Play, Order, Craft and Practice) and encounters several contributions from graphic designers (Hansje van Halem, Moniker, Fanette Mellier, Necj Prah, Julius Vermeulen) and authors (Juan Luis Blanco, Tony Come, Mienke Simon Thomas, Matthijs van Boxsel and Els Kuijpers). It shows pure enthusiasm for the subject of graphic design and its limitless potential.The design is done by Esther de Vries.