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Tracing Board Treasury

Here is a good example of a very specific, symbolic world: the signs and emblems of the masonic lodges. These symbols are even more effective than maxims or sermons to focus the audience’s attention on virtues and ideals, obligations and spiritual values. Freemasonry continues to build, to a degree, on the guild culture of the mediaeval masons who worked together in the construction of temples and cathedrals. The Freemasons have condensed each aspect of their world view into an emblematic image that clearly and powerfully communicates its function within the whole. Tracing boards are painted or printed illustrations with different emblems and symbols, organized according to the different masonic degrees (pupil, companion, master). They are used as a learning tool when an experienced member explains the different concepts of Freemasonry to new members. 'Tracing Board Treasury' focuses it’s attention on the functioning of this symbolic language: playful and without dogmatic restrictions.

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