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Room: The Labyrinth of Scripts

Set of Cards of the House of Babel

Benjamin McMillan, House of Babel, Digital print, various sizes, 2023.
Benjamin McMillan, Printsheet of the House of Babel, Digital print, 800 mm x 1080 mm, 2023.
Benjamin McMillan, Set of Cards of the House of Babel, Digital print, 200 mm x 270 mm, 2023.

The series of twenty cards, each inscribed with an unique script, form a modular system that can take to the sky like a house of cards. Benjamin McMillan, who describes himself as a 'bad type designer', designed the set of cards to reflect the astonishing diversity of writing systems. Whereas, according to the biblical tale, the tower of Babel came to fall due to the Babylonian confusion of tongues, this project honours the diverse written inscriptions of language. Once the cards overlap, the scripts overlap as well, resulting in new signs and unexpected combinations.