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The Labyrinth of Scripts

Both plant and animal species disappear at a fast pace as a result of human activity. Preserving the variety of life forms is of great importance for nature itself, but also for human beings. An area with a high biodiversity also has a wide variety of culture and language. And the other way around: it is proven that if nature's diversity decreases in an area, the same happens to the languages and their scripts. When culture and language disappear, knowledge gets lost. Both culture and nature are increasingly becoming a derivative economic utility.

The installation 'The Labyrinth of Scripts' is part of the Department of Signs and brings together 45 different writing systems: from Aztec to Xia-xia and from Arabic to Zapotec. This installation, next to a number of lectures and workshops, was exhibited in the Nautilus Expobar in November 2017.

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