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Room: Test Press Room

It is always a joy wondering around in this section of the palace. You see, often overlooked as worthy aspect yet testing is no mean feat in the practice of the typographic mason. Collected over here are dozen of apprentice publications. Students is the word commonly used I believe? But you see, these ‘students’ find themselves in the often underestimated position of brilliance. Testing and experimenting should be centralised during the educational period, in which, indeed often without budget, removed from practical and commercial interests too, provides the space to reconsider practices and the fuel these reconsiderations back into their own, still developing, practice. Often, this results into exceptionally creative solutions, of which the practitioner succumbed to practicalities might be able to even learn a thing or two. So, strolling around the Test Press Room, curated by Henk Groenendijk, Elisabeth Klement and Matthias Kreutzer, notice that this section not only honours its amazing contributions, but in addition encourages eternal experimentation. Remember that the doors to the test room are always open.

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