] Waltzing Grids
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The Gridded Section

Fanette Mellier, Walzing Grids 01, 2018
Fanette Mellier, Walzing Grids 02, 2018
Fanette Mellier, Walzing Grids 03, 2018
Fanette Mellier, Walzing Grids 04, 2018
Fanette Mellier, Walzing Grids 05, 2018

Waltzing Grids

We are standing in The Gridded Section, one of the many rooms of the Department of Poetics, where you can see all sorts of examples of these models and templates. From the Golden Mean to Metafont. On that workbench over there, you can see projects by Fanette Mellier, who has drawn inspiration from a range of grids and modular systems, which she has arranged into floating constellations. Her works play with the conflict between our propensity for order and regularity and the need to cast them aside, disrupt them, turn them on their heads and vary on them. If it shows us one thing, it’s that there is no True Method, no Eternal Solution. And that time and time again, we can be amazed by the new opportunities for poetics presented by this discipline.