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Passage of Entanglement

KABK Text & Image Class

Szymon Hernik – Postcard to my friends

It’s a postcard, and an envelope, made from a three-fold poster. I made it to let my friends who are a big part of my world know that we share this colourful life together. I love getting and giving postcards, especially the ones that we secretly hide in each others pockets so that you can find them after some time.

Charlotte van Alfen

In these weird, chaotic times, we might as well make the best of it. That's why I decided to design a poster that is accessible for everyone. You don't even have to go outside! By scanning the QR-code in the corner or by clicking one of the links below, you can easily download the poster and print it with your normal at-home-printer. A simple reminder that, even if it feels like the world is turned upside down, everything will be allright.

Download links for poster:

  1. HOUSE
  6. FACE
Lottie Holme – Not So Close but More Together Than Ever

As a global society, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time and collectively facing the upheaval of life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries all across the globe are asking citizens to self-isolate and implementing Social Isolation orders to protect themselves and others. At a time where we are being called to physically distance ourselves from one another, we must work together to ensure meaningful social connections and nurture belonging.

This poster is designed to be displayed around London as a symbol of hope and a reminder of how essential social distancing is to protect society, particularly it’s most vulnerable members.

All proceeds from sales of this poster will be donated to the National Health Service.

Ro Antia - Letraset Clouds

For centuries, humans have looked up to the sky and tried to make sense of the vastness that they see. Humans have made constellations to make sense of the stars in the night sky. As children we look for shapes and patterns in daytime clouds. This augmented reality filter takes the texture of hand set dry transfer Letraset and raises it to the backyard sky, forming faint, hard to read clouds. This augmented reality filter only works in one backyard on the planet, and has no plans to expand.

Kirill Noskov

I’m among the people who unlucky enough to be quarantined during their birthday. To not to cry from loneliness, I’ve decided to design and invite people that follow me on Instagram to my *quarantine* birthday party. Connect via Zoom, join Spotify playlist and prepare your own food! Let’s get lost into the digital reality.

Emir Karyo Yoaf

Typeface, vinyl cover and track made based on Palestinian headscarves.


Track 1: getting some fresh air

Track 2: headscarf1234




Continiative AND Continued Connected BY THE Continiviaty.


Pretty much hid(ing) BOO with NO-NO-NO-NO-N


………………… C ….. …………

Aiym Zhaishylyk –Matchbox
Thora Thøgersen – Quarantine Badminton Tournament in the woods

This poster was created under my quarantine in the summerhouse in Denmark. Inspired by the surrounding nature and what was at hand. In this time people go on endless walks in nature and start exercising like ever before just to have an excuse to get out. This is an open invitation to my local community to join me in some social activity on a good distance with fun obstacles.

Anna Pravorotskaya – Animated Poster to the Theme Fragmentation

I decided to make an animated version of the poster on the topic Fragmentation, which I made during one of the classes in the past weeks. The idea behind the animation is to illustrate the Quote, which is written on the Poster—”The Soul Becomes Dyed with the Color of it’s Thoughts”. I found this quote very poetic, and used different kinds of layering and overlapping effects, in order to make the Quote even more powerful, and transfer the meaning behind it. The text layer overlays with the image, falling into fragments. This Animated Poster is placed in the middle of the city on the big LED Screen, so people, who pass by it in during the rush-hour stop for a minute, and enjoy the poetry. Check the animated version here.

Jan Wojda – Cerbus

Is it a dog? Is it on the leash? Does it says color? Why the dog's face is blurry? Why it is multi-headed? Paul Ga, what?

What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.

Fleurine Brijker – "Language of dreams"

"Language of dreams" an Animation made by Fleurine Brijker about the mysterious language of colour. See here.

Jesús Jiménez – Motions Floppy Disk

Just as one can compose colours or forms, so one can compose motions. Have you ever wanted to experience emotions beyond the lived reality? This device allows experiences beyond what our senses can perceive.

It seems that we are tired of the relationships and affections with the physical world, so all the time we are looking for something that extracts us from our being and makes us believe that there is something far beyond what we manage to know. A conception that goes beyond color and form, emotions. What is the role of the designer in the world but to create emotions rather than visual aesthetics?

Weronika Uyar – Color, form, motion

Color Form Motion is a game produced by the ( imaginary) toy company Alexander Calder. The motto of the game is its title. In a triangular prism box you receive; blocks, paint, wheels and clay, all the ingredients to compose! The box is a two sided poster fold, you can color the packaging or reverse it and hang it as a poster. Great game not only for kids but creative adults also!

Radina Yotova – For the Soul Directly

Have you ever noticed how a certain song can bring you back at a specific place and time. It can even bring back a taste in your mouth or smell, or someones touch.

We link music with things or occasions in our life, and the way we hear it is pretty much an interpretation of the associations that we make, not the music itself.

This is my own personal collection of records from Me to Me, so that one day I can revisit the hidden parts of my memories, that only music can truly bring back to life.

I chose the vinyl as medium for an archive, because of it's physicality and the special relation it has with the past.

Eva Hendrikson – Stamps

These little post stamps are an invitation to reach out to each other in more meaningful ways, with more sincerity than that of a constant e-correspondence. Receiving a handwritten letter/postcard in one's mail, especially in these times, can hopefully be a heartwarming allusion to an eye to eye conversation. Overall in this design, the custom made letters require intensive reading from the viewer, just like a gesture of a letter, is very intentional; in addition, the entire image works as a typographic message while the stamps are connected in the strip- once they are divided, it turns into various individual compositions.

Pasha Radich

I have developed a fictional campaign based on works of Thomas Demand, which consists out of four A0 posters and a publication. Thomas Demand is known for making photographs of three-dimensional models that look like real images of rooms, offices and other spaces and are often loaded with social and political meanings. In this campaign, just like Demand himself, I explore a topic of ‘non-sexy’ office and workplace aesthetics by placing a typography on an imaginary glass walls and windows and thereby multi-layering Demand’s photographs with typography to create an idea of reflection.

Daniel Jurkschat – the milk tooth

What happens when I write a letter to Santa Claus with all my wishes for Christmas but dont give it to my parents but instead put it into the mailbox? I want to be a football player when I grow up. Do you think Flora likes me as well? When I am old I want to have a room that is yellow, red, blue, orange, blue, green and purple. My favourite food is chicken. Is it real love when I kiss a girl? I want to drink grape juice all day long. I really want to shower with my clothes on.

Julia Waraksa

REN HANG x MASSINE, LE BALLET ROUGE is a fictional collaboration of a Ballet performance between two deceased visionaries. Ren Hang’s (China, 1987-2017) provocative photography is taken through a journey by Léonide Massine’s (Russia, 1896—1979) choreographic theatre. The poster itself is inspired by Gauguin’s colourful ventures in Tahiti, as together with Gauguin’s quote of “Colour; A mysterious Language; the Language of Dreams”, both Hang’s and Massine’s artistic oeuvre continue to thrive beyond eternal rest.

Robin Wielink – Bunt Magazine

The translatative meaning of the word ‘bunt' can go from colourful to variegated. Even messy or crazy are mentioned, which some would say are also possible terms to use when describing this publication. Shown in this presentation: The Famous Colour Edition, which includes back and front covers and inside spreads of Volume I the April 2020 issue. In it’s concept, Bunt magazine is a publication in which different people shine their light on, but mostly share their interpretation of colour and it’s emotional impact. The magazine visually explores the relationship between images and typography in which it is not always clear who plays what role, but regardless still can be quite a happy marriage together. The level of happiness remains up in the air.

Ola Rubik – Col Or, Nota DD

"The design starts with an idea of a mess. It doesn’t have to be a big one. All elements merge together and create something better than before - a dynamic picture. The picture is not a chaos anymore. It is a translation and can be finally used to please somebody’s eyes.

Did a mess hurt any eyes anyway?"

Binnie Kwon – Memory

A poster for the virtual exhibition of the Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky. The ’memory' is the main theme of the exhibition because Tarkovsky’s film dealt with personal, individualistic time and memory as the main subject. The fragments of the word 'memory' in two different typefaces are placed and interact with one scene from the movie Ivan's Childhood(1962).

Nerilė Emilija Ričkutė – “I prefer living in color...”

Music is a language, that doesn’t need any particular words. “I prefer living in color” vinyl cover explores the collision of sharp shapes which identifies the existential human crisis of the 21st century. Interrupted by wide range of colors, the collision was shaped to create the vivid harmony, pushing the tragic times aside and putting forward the beautiful times of freedom.

Lisa Dieterle

What happens when music influence the design? A collection of different music combined into a record sleeve. Go listen to it.

Eunseo Hyun

Maybe we are living in such a hard time. You have to stay at home for quarantine, even if your neighbor doing construction all day long. You have to be productive even the toilet papers ran out. Nevertheless, we have to carry on with our routine. I made a fake album cover that conveys this frustration and would like to dedicate it to my rude, unconsidered neighbor. The title of this album is "We Live In a Rainbow of Chaos" which is the line of Paul Cezzane, and an unofficial subtitle is "You should never do construction more than 3 months especially during quarantine times". And the musical genre of it is Techno mix, which reminds me of the sounds of construction. Yes, we live in a rainbow of chaos. Nonetheless, I believe we can cope with this time in a healthy, non-degradable, slightly humorous way!

Paolo Vigliotti — Illegal Beautification

Inspired by the Italian practice of pestering the city with illegal advertising and its subsequent coverage by city officials, I decided to initiate a movement of “illegal beautification” of the streets.
Therefore I produced a kit made of pre-printed posters, instructions and materials for their posting, to be used as a democratic “beautifying” tool for the city.
The posters are designed according to four ways of putting together type and image: separation, fusion, fragmentation and inversion. Their style is as different as possible, and their meaning is not set. They’re not trying to sell nor teach anything. See more here.

Hyeonjeong Joo – Pieces

The quote which expresses as cooking makes pieces of image and text and then scatter on the spread. Image is connected to spread, but when it is ripped it will be different design pages which have their own areas. Impressive quote is discovered by chance in a magazine and is expressed as an act of ripping the habit of obsession.

Dawoon Jung – Before coming the day.

My tiny cozy room.

cozy but messy.


can hear some sound and go to messy.

my peaceful quarantine.



shouting without conviction

crying without happiness

gripping without desire


Departing from the original assignment, wherein from free associations, intriguing juxtapositions emerged week by week. Taking steps further I, 1: composed a virtual mix-tape consisting of 11 of my all-time greatest hits to listen. 2: While, I wake up every day, attempting to make sense of my physical isolation and virtual existence, it unfolded in my mind, that the chosen songs are, somewhat like puzzle pieces, construct an imagined vision on the worldwide pandemic situation. Therefore songs must be listened to in a strict sequence, while covers are narrating my hypothetical story on how humankind faultily drifted. Go here.

Moritz von Laufenberg – The Dark

Sixty years ago, the cuban missile crisis brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. We barely avoided our own armageddon, but it seems not all have learned the lesson of mutual destruction.

“Alternative facts” and “Fake News” have helped the rise of populist movements across the globe.

This hypothetical ethical hacking campaign is meant to raise awareness, buy disrupting sensationalist media and reminding its viewers that their differences won't matter in the face of extinction. All colors will agree in the dark.

Dahsuel Jung – Duplicity

My poster was designed inspired by Claude Monet's quote. In his quote, the opposite words, Joy and Torment, were included. To represent the duality of contrary meaning, composition of images and text is symmetrically expressed up and down.

Marcos Kueh

"Colours think by itself independently of the object it clothes."
– Charles Baudelaire

My piece is a street art/ installation made with colourful clay objects forming a dress of a spray painted woman. I wanted it to be placed in the dirtiest, messiest corners of the urban areas, to remind street folks that colours don't discriminate. No matter, if you a sinner, a loser, lost or broke, you will never be judged or rejected by colour.

Ashger Zamana - Self Love

A Fictional vinyl record sleeve for the rap artist Mavi.

The front is a combination of Lettering with a strong image that visually fused together.

The back cover was the place for a more simple typography with a composition

that creates a feeling of space. The use of a grey color palette was to create less contrast between the different elements in the design.

The goal of the design was to visually represent the meaning of self love by the artist Mavi And by myself.

Camila Chebet – Lightlapse

Due to self-quarantining in this pandemic times, this last poster reflects upon our human condition and the consequences of this forced detachment to the "outside world". Previous research on color made me pay attention to its source: the phenomenon of light, and I started noticing how it behaved within my confinements. This is a visual collage of the journey of light, a tribute to this constant reminder of a time and space that is just out of reach but nevertheless running parallel to mine.

Agnar Freyr

Fragmentation is a difficult form of text and image. It takes the image and text and displaces them into a completely new element. In this piece, I try to emulate a visual poetry to my work, by using image, text and colour to tell the story. I’m always drawn to photomontages so that was a natural for me to express this quote in that way, it allows me to tell the story in a broader way.

Jules Janssen – I'm Still Jenny from the Block

2020. In empty streets without the typical racket, it's graphic design that makes the noise again. When physical chitchat becomes hard, printed typography can ease the pain. Gimmicky messages of love are glued behind the glass to send passing strangers some warmth. DIY exhibition windows are popping up everywhere. I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon.

Paulina Trzeciak – Personalized Hand Sanitizers

Is your business experiencing recession due to the economic crisis? Do you want to make profit but also keep your working environment safe? That's perfect! Here comes the personalized hand sanitiziers with a modern work of art. Order them for your employees to enhance their office experience and assist creativity!

Pinar Kazak – Triad 1

Inspired from the colours of different images in the archive, this poster was based on a triad of colours. Following the rule of separation of text and image, the aim was to use elements of text and image both as rectangular shapes and creating different forms and textures with overlapping. Following a similar structure, colour is the value that is brought forward in all the elements, and they are in great harmony, as a graphical expression of the quote.

Marieke Dijsselhof – ‘I prefer living in color’

Inversion of type and image. Letters and form made of play doh and a nice pinch of photoshop came to this image. A great billboard is found at the side of the highway. The sun is shining bright and it feels like summer.

A new website. A festival that will go on 24/7 everyday. Formed and colored in every way you like. You are the DJ of your own festival and your friends can join with a link. Loved an artist so much? With the Time Machine button you can go straight back to the experience. Joetub, your festival during these special times.

Yeeun Kim – Rollercoaster ride

I want you to put in unfamiliar surroundings like this rollercoaster along a canal.

What do you see here? Did you find something unexpected? Or Are you feel bored already?

“All colors will agree in the dark.” _Francis Bacon

Jonas Mindaugas Paberzis – "Colour Crash"

One of the vinyl album sleeve designs I made as a series whilst learning blender and merging the emerging 3D space with photography/scans.

Also in this room