] Parmagedon by Moniker
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Gameboard Corridor

Board Game Cut-ups – Parmagedon from Moniker on Vimeo.

Parmagedon by Moniker

Thursday Workshop — Parmagedon

Moniker has set to work on various existing board games. They have literally explored the designs themselves as game types and suggest new interactions and interrelationships through a variety of forms, colours and structures. It’s worth noting in this context that in their accompanying text, the team actually criticises the excessively univocal visual language of many modern-day games. A picture of a dragon is extremely detailed; scenery is rendered with photorealistic precision. Moniker prefers a black square that could be an alien spaceship one moment, and a female form of artificial intelligence the next. Red triangles could represent a womb – but just as easily a walk of snails. A good example of how effectively designed abstract forms can prove more durable, visually impactful and flexible than naturalistic illustrations.