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The Typotectural Suites

Discover ‘The Typotectural Suites’, a complex of rooms in The Palace of Typographic Masonry, dedicated to the ambiguities between architecture and typography.

A glazed letter A, a half-timbered E, a brick I, a U in riveted steel beams, an O in dressed stone, etc. It is common to glimpse a gigantic letter of the alphabet in a building’s silhouette or fragment. This “imageability” is even one of architecture’s key qualities.

And whether viewed from the top or the side, extruded or intertwined, letters of the alphabet may in turn evoke interesting architectural projects.

It is this complex play of influences that is displayed in ‘The Typotectural Suites’. From a pavillion built out of characters to a readable city, and from letters as a map to a brick alphabet, here the volatile language solidifies into immovable structures, playful block boxes and inhabitable capitals.

All of the 54 examples are collected in this spatial library, grouped in 4 categories. The source collection of 'The Typotectural Suites' is added to The Palace of Typographic Masonry by Richard Niessen and Tony Côme. Richard Niessen designed the specific exhibition, i.c.w. Lowies van Zanen.

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