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Room: The Typotectural Suites

The typographic mason partly derives its tradition from a connection with architecture. Whereas in architecture the occupation is concerned with spatial constructions, the typographic mason is likewise engaged with the systems and structures of dimensional organisation and mediate spatial perception. What emerges is a relationship of mutual influences.

On the one hand, letters are formed and constructed as three-dimensional space consuming shapes, set within compositions determined by perspective and dimensionality. On the other hand, are spatial constructions organised according to shapes and principles derived from typography. This complex of The Typotectural Suites is dedicated to the ambiguous relationship between architecture and typography.

It is a pavilion built out of characters and letters that form a readable city, consolidating the volatile languages and alphabets into immovable structures and bricks. Herein, capitals become inhabitable structures. Somewhere around these rooms I noticed Tony Côme wandering around and willing to guide you through the The Typotectural Suites.

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