] Stiktype by Alex Walker
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Building Sets Storage

Stiktype Specimen, spread, 2021
Stiktype Specimen, spread, 2021
Stiktype Specimen, cover, 2021

Stiktype by Alex Walker

As a response to the Palace's question to come up with a lettering system in the Building Sets Storage, Alex Walker designed a building set inspired by "Stickle bricks" (also known by other manufacturers as ""Nopper", "Bristle Blocks", "Fun Bricks", "Clipo", "Krinkles", "Multi-Fit", and "Thistle Blocks"), which is part of the collection of this room. With ultimately 4 shapes at 2 different scales he created a stencil type font, and for or the riso-printed specimen, Walker used the messy look of his working files. The different iterations allow you to follow the process of constructing, testing and editing.