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An Alphabet of Cases

The drawers stacked per floor of The Palace of Typographic Masonry are easy to transport
Physical objects, index cards of the plexiglass plates and commissioned works all fit in the drawers
Overview in Toolbox Coworking in Turin, 2021

Practical info

Space: adjustable from 50 to 500 m2

Transport: 4 crates 130x95x128cm, < 1.900kg. No dedicated art transport required.

Insurance value: € 60.000

Fee: available on request

Travel & Lodging: 3 persons to and from Amsterdam, for 4 nights

Set up: 3 days; requires presence of Richard Niessen and 2 team members + 1 local art handler

Dismantling: instruction provided; 2 days by 2 local art handlers

Loan & condition reports: provided

Merchandise: various publications and posters available for re-sale

The Palace of Typographic Masonry
Richard Niessen

Graphic Matters:
Dennis Elbers