] Over 150 physical objects
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An Alphabet of Cases

Part of the collection of ‘The Library of Inextricable Books’ in its drawer
Part of the collection of ‘The Veranda of Floating Threads’ in its drawer

Over 150 physical objects

Each of the drawers houses a selection of physical objects connected to a particular space in The Palace of Typographic Masonry, dedicated to a specific aspect of graphic design.

‘The Labyrinth of Scripts’, for instance, collects a variety of scripts, the ‘Transformation Room’ examples of the engagement of audience and ‘The Pavillions of Honour’ shows the devotion of contemporary designers to their predecessors.

‘The Library of Inextricable Books’ pays attention to a specific design method, a way of designing in which the designer deviates from conventions with a substantive intention. This can be applied to websites, magazines, identities and even signage. But here a good number of books is collected, in which the design is inseparable from their content, and only interesting in this intertwined situation.

The more than 150 objects can be seen in the drawers supported by an ingenious display system.

They vary from original Kente cloths to a selection of game boards, from Wim Crouwel’s famous New Alphabet to the beautiful Wolters dictionaries designed by Susanne Heynemann and from a small sticker sheet with the Georgian alphabet to Bruno Munari’s extended Scatola di Architettura.