] More than 25 commissioned pieces
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An Alphabet of Cases

The case of 'The Typotectural Suites' with posters and an architectural model designed by Richard Niessen
The publication of 'The Library of Inextricable Books' by Esther de Vries
One of the posters of 'The Bonus Room' designed by Bart de Baets
Risographed poster accompanying a system that can be used to mark the various shelving units and rack cabinets of 'Building Sets Storage' designed by Cleo Tsw

More than 25 commissioned pieces

Many commissioned pieces – in the form of books, video’s, cardsets, maps, posters, signposts, stencils or building kits – reflect on the collections in and on the drawers.

They travel along the gray insides of the lids of various sizes, that can be attached under different angles to the drawer.

For these reflections, The Palace of Typographic Masonry collaborates closely with the most appropriate designers for the subject.

For example, to get a more complete picture of the particular category of books in ‘The Library of Inextricable Books’ graphic designer Esther de Vries asked colleques Linda van Deursen, Catherine Guiral and Julia Born to comment on and supplement this growing collection. The publication is a record of those conversations.