] 600 Index cards
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An Alphabet of Cases

A printsheet with index cards of 'The Asemic Cabinet'
Index cards of ‘The Library of Inextricable Books’ in their own compostion
Index cards of ‘Veranda of Floating Threads’, each in their own compostion
Plexiglass plates with index cards resting on various constructions of black and white poles
The collection of 'The Bonus Room' on the index cards mixed with the physical objects

600 Index cards

The physical objects on display in the drawers are only a small selection from the complete source collections of each room, hallway or cabinet in The Palace of Typographic Masonry.

These collections are disclosed in full by the ‘index cards’ that depict and describe the collected objects. They are printed on perforated sheets of cardboard.

The index cards of each room of The Palace of Typographic Masonry are specifically layed-out on transparent covers of the drawers. You can see the collections of for instance ‘The Library of Inextricable Books’ or the ‘Veranda of Floating Threads’, each in their own compostion.

In total, about 600 cards, which depict and describe the objects in detail, form compositions that are reminiscent of plans, schemes and diagrams. These compositions are mounted on A0 plexiglass plates resting on various constructions of black and white poles.

The poles lift the plexiglas plate from the drawer, which thus becomes an open display case. In this way the entire collection on the index cards is mixed with the objects that are exhibited from it.