Wheresoever we have spoken plainly, there we have spoken nothing, but where we have used riddles and figures, there we have hidden the truth.
Rosarium Philosophorum, 1550.

‘The Palace of Typographic Masonry’ is an imagined game-like architecture, structuring the elements, principles and the sources of ‘Typographic Masonry’: the almost hermetic graphical craft of forging amalgams of signs, symbols & ornaments in mostly nonlinear structures. It’s the alchemical quest for a labyrinthine clarity, the reconciliation of opposites in order to be able to articulate in the ‘in-between realm’.
The exploration of the ‘Palace of Typographic Masonry’ is an ongoing series of voyages of discovery - in the (fictional) form of exhibitions, workshops, debates or reading sessions - through the corridors, rooms, courtyards, gates and galleries of the building. Each trip is condensed into a ‘tracing board’, a printed illustrative reminder in ‘Typographic Masonry’ with the ultimate aim to gather knowledge to identify the complete structure.